How the LoCATor Pet

                   Tracking System works:


A miniature transmitter is attached to your pet's collar which emits a pulsed radio frequency signal. This signal is picked up by a directional antenna attached to a very sensitive handheld receiver. As the antenna is pointed towards the transmitter on your pet's collar, the signal becomes louder in the receiver. This allows you to "home in" or DF (direction find) the transmitted signal and find your pet. This is the same system used by biologists to track wild animals. This system can be used anywhere in the world as it does not rely upon technology (GPS) which requires a direct view to the satellites or any cellular or PCS infrastructure which must be in place and requires monthly fees. The range is 1-2 blocks in the city and over 1 mile in open country. It may be used to locate your cat, dog, horse, or any other pet. It can also be used to locate a lost child in the park, at the beach, shopping mall, or amusement park as well as a wandering alzheimer's patient. The uses are only limited by your imagination.



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